JUFIT Fitness Vibration Platform Whole Body Vibration Machine Exercise Equipment with Two Bands & Remote Control Max User Weight 265 lb

  • 20 Speed Levels: The vibration plate's speed is almost the same in the market, features 20 levels of oscillation speed offers a faster speed switch and you can obtain an equivalent higher-efficiency calorie-burning
  • 25% Extra Fitness Area: 71.5 L x 39 W x 15.5 H (CM) / 29 L x 15.5 W x 6 H(in) 25% more workout area than other conventional oscillators,offering more workout choice and stability
  • Designed with a resistance cord system for a more intense workout,The handles feature small massaging balls that give your hands a pleasant sensation as you grip them
  • Frequency Ranges From 15 HZ to 45 HZ: The normal natural resonant frequencies of human body ranges from 10 Hz to 50 Hz, so you can find your right frequency easily
  • CAUTION: When experience dizzy or nauseous with high frequency vibration. Please slightly curling your knees to ease the situation. For new users, please start with lower frequency
Fitness machine can help lazy people do sports by combining active exercises with passive exercises, and will enhance sports effect under the condition of same exercise intensity. Though using this easy way , burning calories with exercises to shape your body indirectly.

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