allgoodsdelight365 Pink Ultrathin Mini Crazy Fit Vibration Platform Massage Machine Fitness Gym GET Organic Silkworm Cocoon

  • Brand new and high quality Ideal for fat burning, muscle strength and weight reduction
  • Improve blood circulation, flexibility, balance and co-ordination Mini fitness machine for easy storage and carry
  • Heavy-duty stepper and solid frame with stable base 1-60 speed levels to meet various strength degrees
  • Included remote control for convenient operation when exercising
  • Nearly 5' long enough power cord Max Load: 220 lbs
This is our new mini crazy fit vibration platform machine,

which is perfect to help you keep fit and massage your

body fully. For most indoor workers in a sedentary

lifestyle, this vibration machine is ideal to exercise all

the muscles, improve digestion, relieve fatigue and

stress and lose weight. Moreover, it can relieve physical

illness, such as the nervous, digestive,

cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems. Welcome!

High quality with competitive price can be realized here!


Special Gift :

Organic Silkworm Cocoon Facial Face Cleanser.

- Natural protein ceracin that is similar to human skin is contained.

- It makes the skin look smoother, reduce wrinkles and roughness. Protect natural features Added ability to retain moisture.

Package Included: 50 PCS Silkworm Cocoons

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